Temporary Exhibitions



Seals from the Collection of Baron Hugo von Saurma-Jeltsch

6 March – 29 July 2018

The exhibition will present the matrix of a 14th century knight seal and a selection of wax, sealing wax and paper impressions of Silesian seals from the 15th century through the 18th century. It will also feature a 1870 edition of the Wappenbuch der schlesichen Städte und Städtel (The Armory of Silesian Towns and Cities) and Ludwig Clericus’s original drawings of the seals used by Silesian dukes and bishops.



“Live, Our Sweet Hope”. Patriotic Glassware
10 April – 3 July 2018
This exhibition will showcase over a dozen engraved and cut glass cups and rummers commemorating Polish battles for independence, some of them bearing images of Tadeusz Kościuszko, Prince Józef Poniatowski and Napoleon Bonaparte. The selected artefacts were made in Polish and Bohemian glassworks and decorated by the most eminent masters. The exhibition will commemorate the 100th anniversary of Poland regainingits independence.



The Art of Print
Antique prints by European publishers from the Library of the National Museum in Wrocław
22 May – 15 July 2018

The exhibition will feature antique prints bythe most renowned and respected European publishers. It will focus on the publishing houses and their publications, whose contribution to European culture was equal to the importanceof the authors of the books they published.Among the exhibits will beshown rare andextremely valuable early prints by Anton Koberger from Nuremburg, Peter Schoeffer from Mainz (precious Wrocław Missalsdating from the late 15th century) and by Hans Lufft from Wittenberg, known as the printer for the Reformation.  



Art from the Viceroyalty of Peru
5 June – 2 September 2018
An exhibition organized in conjunction with the National Museum in Warsaw.
The art from the Viceroyalty of Peru is an attempt at the synthesis of two cultural traditions which emerged in South America as a result ofthe combined influences of the European Renaissance at its height and the pre-Columbian heritage of the Andes. This will be the first exhibition in Poland toshowas many as 81 works of art which represent Peruvian cultural heritage,originating from the Colección Barbosa-Stern.